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            3. ABOUT US!! ABOUT US !!

              SYB Gardening Audio & Lights Co.,Ltd.

              is the first China factory in field of design and produce Rock Garden Speaker, Rock Garden Lights & Lamps, which established since 1997 and locate in Zhongshan Dongfen town. With 14 years enterprise growing, SYB is the most professional manufacturer in China, we not only obtain No.1 market share and high reputation in China market, but also export big qty to US, Australia, Germany, Panama, Malaysia and so on. SYB is China registered trademark, and also famous brand in gardening audio and lighting products of China market.

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              Product description:

              The design and development of rock-like artificial stone outdoor garden speakers and garden lighting have already had 15 national utility model patents. The rock-like artificial stone outdoor garden speaker garden lighting has been designed and developed by the country with 15 utility model patents in 2005.More>>

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